About Us

GMPPENS is a division of Kymanox focused on ensuring proper documentation procedures are followed.  Compliance is not optional, it is required.  Our pens help meet guidelines and regulations to make certain that your documents and paperwork are compliant.  Take the guesswork out of documentation compliance with indelible ink GMPPENS.
Kymanox is Your Life Science Solutions Partner. We are a premier technical products and project management company. We are experts in providing our clients in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Combination Product industries with engineering, scientific, regulatory, and process operations support. We help bring products from bench to patient. We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of technical services and products with turnkey project delivery. We serve clients globally from our headquarters in Durham (RTP), North Carolina and branch hubs across the US.
Kymanox also owns and operates GMPPENS, KymanoxWORKS, and CMOLocator.
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