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What makes GMPPENS different than other ballpoint pens?
According to the ICH Q7, which are the GMP guidelines established by the FDA, it is required that all handwritten entries be recorded in indelible ink to avoid deviations caused by water or steam. However, it is hard to tell if a pen has indelible ink just by looking at it. Using a tested, clearly-labeled, and certified GMPPEN eliminates any uncertainties thus preventing deviations.

Do you have any different styles/colors available, such as fine point or red ink?
We do not carry those pens regularly, but a special order could be arranged if a purchase is made in large quantity (>1000).

Any specific reason GMPPENS offer blue ink in two styles but only one style with black ink?
Recent trends show that companies are switching from black or blue ink to blue ink only, so that one can easily tell the original document from the copy.

What is your procedure in certifying that GMPPENS are indelible ink?
We have an established SOP for the process. Download our SOP if needed, for your documentation purposes.

Can we have a specific company logo/text transferred onto the GMPPENS?
Of course. Send your artwork or a message to us and we will custom-make the GMPPENS for you if a purchase is made in a large enough quantity (>1000).

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom labels?
Yes, custom labels require a minimum of a 1000 pen purchase.

Can I use my own Fed Ex shipping account?
Certainly. Simply provide us with your account details and we will remove your shipping and handling charges.

Do you offer bulk pricing discounts?
Yes, we offer 10% discount for orders of 500-999 GMPPENS. 15% discount for orders of 1000-1999 GMPPENS. 20% for 2000 or more GMPPENS.

Can I obtain some samples of GMPPENS?
Sure! Call (919-246-4896 — M-F, 9-5 ET), fax (610-471-5101), or email your request to info@gmppens.com and we will be happy to send you some free samples.

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